3 Things that Multiple Car Owners Look for in a Car Lifts

Despite the sluggish economic growth, more Australians are buying cars. It is no wonder that most Australian households have more than one car. The increase in car ownership has led to a parking space problem in residential homes. As such, homeowners are increasingly turning to car lifts. If you are in the business of supplying car lifts, then you need to strategise and build your client base. Your car lift installation service must match client preferences to achieve customer growth. Read More 

4 Top Reasons for Facility Managers to Use Original Air Compressor Intake Filters

Part of a facility manager's job is to make sure that compressed air treatment systems work efficiently. That includes the intake filters that prevent contaminants such as dust and oil from getting into and compromising the system downstream. Over time, however, compressed air intake filters wear out and need replacement. To save on cost, most facility managers arrange for replacements using aftermarket parts. Although aftermarket filters are cheap, it is advisable to go for original intake filters. Read More 

Practical Tips for Moving Your Mobile Scaffolding

If you are looking for a convenient elevated access system for your construction project, you should think about choosing mobile scaffolding. This type of platform is favourable because it offers the strength, versatility and stability of a traditional scaffold. However, unlike a regular tower scaffold, the mobile alternative can be moved from one position to another on the worksite. This characteristic reduces the amount of setup required when working at height in different parts of the workspace. Read More 

Two ways to prevent accidents when using welders in industrial facilities

The welders that are used in industrial facilities can be quite dangerous. As such, it's sensible to take precautionary measures to prevent accidents from occurring when this equipment needs to be used. Continue reading to learn more. Replace worn-out protective garments and safety gear promptly Anyone who uses welding equipment in an industrial setting will usually be provided with a selection of protective outwear and safety gear by their employer. Read More 

Choosing the Best Air Conditioning System for a Commercial Printing Room

Keeping internal temperatures tolerably cool is important for any business, particularly during the brutal heat of the summer months, and installing a commercial/industrial grade air conditioning system is the most efficient and effective way to keep your business premises tolerably cool. However, if you run a commercial printing business, choosing the right air conditioning system is particularly vital. Unlike other commercial air conditioning systems, which only have to keep your employees cool, the air conditioning system used in a print room must also be able to counteract the tremendous heat created by commercial printing presses. Read More