3 Essential Tips To Maximise Your Welding Throughput In Your Metal Fabrication Project

Maximising throughput in your welding project isn't a one-step process. It demands more commitment in labour, time and financial resources to achieve success. Working on such projects also requires an open-minded approach. Determine whether a typical modification is sensible and if so, always prepare for potential changes. It might take more than turning on the power switch. For instance, switching filler metals might need requalification, as well as investing in capital purchases including positioners and fixtures. All of these require time to achieve maximum ROI. 

Ideally, your primary goal should be establishing efficiencies across all aspects of your welding process, both downstream and upstream. To help you maximise your welding throughput, consider these three essential tips:

Conduct A Thorough Time Study

An excellent initial approach is to conduct a comprehensive time study to determine potential bottlenecks you'll encounter. Before striking the first arc, conducting a time study is necessary. While some processes require preparing your welding parts first, others might require elimination or alterations.  

During the study, consider identifying and timing each activity throughout the process while recording them accordingly. Additionally, account for aspects like bending, fabrication, stamping, welding time, paint application, unexpected downtime and etc. After completing the time study, establish a plan categorising things like pre-welds, welds and post-weld activities. 

Establish A Welding Procedure Specification

A welding procedure specification (WPS) can assist you in attaining top-quality welds simultaneously. Following it to the latter assists in standardising your welding techniques. Furthermore, some productivity elements factor into WPS, communicating the ideal welding parameters that help guarantee higher efficiency in your welding process. 

Higher efficiency means greater welding productivity and output. Ideally, a well-documented WPS will accommodate the uncertainties and realities of your welding project. 

Consider Increasing Arc-On Time

Optimising your welding parameters is vital, an aspect most people overlook for any weld cell. Generally, suboptimal parameters might hinder you and your welding machines from attaining maximum welding speed and comfort. 

However, optimal welding parameters help maximise deposition rates, boosting travel speed and minimising the number of passes for each successful weld. With that in mind, it's also vital to consider the welding technique you opt for in your project. Some come with higher deposition rates than others, like GMAW (gas metal arc welding) vs FCAW.

Consider these three essential tips to help maximise your welding throughput in your upcoming metal fabrication project.  Consult professional metal fabricators and welders in your area for more advice and insights.