Misconceptions About Hiring a Portable Toilet

A portable toilet is a great choice for any outdoor event, since guests won't need to leave the party to find a restroom. You might also consider renting a portable toilet if you'll need to shut off the water at your home for plumbing repairs or renovations. Whatever your reasons for renting a portable toilet, note some misconceptions many people have about these units so you can discuss your options with a rental agent as needed.

They smell

That portable toilets smell bad is probably one of the most common misconceptions people have about these units. However, note that the tanks that hold waste from the toilets will be treated with chemicals that neutralize odours and break down solid waste. These tanks will also typically have some type of valve or blade that only opens when the toilet is flushed, and this part is also installed on the toilets to help block odours, so you shouldn't notice any bad smells when you rent a portable toilet.

They can tip

Some portable toilets are on trailers, so they can't be tipped any easier than a caravan or camper trailer. Stand-alone models of portable toilets, meaning those not on trailers, will usually be weighted at the bottom so they can't simply tip over, even in strong winds. 

Some smaller models of portable toilets might be easier to tip if you purposely rock them, so you might be mindful of renting these models for a concert or other event where there might be rowdy teenagers attending. However, as long as your guests are mindful of the use of these toilets, these units should be very stable and secure, even in inclement weather.

They fill up quickly

When hiring a portable toilet, discuss your needs with the rental agent when it comes to the number of expected visitors or attendees at an event. An agent might also ask what type of an event you're hosting; something with a plated dinner and open bar may mean that you need to rent more toilets than if you're renting a backup toilet because the water in your home will be shut off. The rental agent might then recommend that you choose more toilets than you expected, or recommend ones with larger tanks, but as long as you give them a good estimate of the number of visitors you expect or why you need the toilet, you shouldn't worry about them filling up too quickly.

Contact a toilet hire company for additional information.