Want to Hire a Scissor Lift? 4 Critical Questions You Need to Ask

For any industrial equipment, its true value lies in its efficiency at work. Such is the case even for scissor lifts. While they play such a critical role in projects that require heavy lifting, their efficiency is something industrial owners ought to consider. 

A scissor lift is an invention that has gained a lot of popularity in the lifting industry. It is highly efficient and can withstand a lot of pressure, giving you access to heights that a ladder couldn't. If you are running a short-term construction project, investing in scissor lift hire services will be a brilliant idea. While it's the right choice, industrial owners might need to ask these four critical questions when making this choice.

Electric or Diesel Scissor Lift?

Your choice of the type of lift will mainly depend on the nature of the project. A diesel lift's speed is great and helps you save your time and money. Diesel scissor lifts are ideal for outdoor projects.

An electric scissor lift is equally good. It is highly efficient and comes with a small width allowing it to move from one aisle to the other without disturbance. Such lifts are ideal if you need elevation in malls or warehouses. 

Is the Scissor Lift Mobile?

The question of mobility when investing in scissor lifts can never be ignored. A construction project will definitely need a lift that can be moved from one place to the other. Production lines, on the other hand, require a fixed location. If you need mobile lifts, consider the availability of electricity too. Where there is no power available, you can opt for a diesel or battery-powered lift.

What Is the Workload?

Scissor lifts vary in their workload capacity. Their lifting capacity mainly depends on the model. Looking into your needs prior to hiring the lifts is essential. If you realize that there are more workers and tools than one machine can handle, consider investing in two machines. This makes the work even more efficient.

Are Your Workers Safe?

The safety of your workers can not be compromised. Inspect the scissor lifts to check if they have rails around the platform. Also, check for emergency buttons and lanyards on the lifts. Either way, workers must also wear a safety harness to avoid any injury. 

As you make a choice to check on the market for scissor lift hire, you now are well equipped with the information you need. Do not forget to also budget for the project. For any concerns, you can always contact scissor lift services for clarification. Keep these things in mind as you look for someone who offers scissor lift hire