Guidelines You Should Consider When Using Scissor Lifts

Do you use scissor lifts to perform different kinds of tasks in your company? Safety is one of the essential aspects you should consider while working with this kind of heavy-duty machinery. However, most people forget to observe the precautions provided after scissor lift hire, which leads to a number of issues, including accidents.

Knowing some essential safety precautions can help you make informed choices and keep everyone in the work areas safe. Here are primary safety precautions you should consider while operating scissor lifts to prevent accidents.

1. Stay within the rails

All scissor lifts come with guard rails. The rails function is to ensure workers don't fall off while using the equipment on a raised platform. Some workers, however, ignore the importance of this preventive measure. For instance, a worker may choose to overextend their hand to a certain height that's unreachable then risk falling. Others even opt to stand on the rail guards, thinking that they cannot lose their balance and end up falling—this is a grave mistake that could cause an accident. Make sure you instruct the workers to stay within the guarded area while working. Special instruments should be used when one wants to get to areas the lift can't access.

2. Focus on stabilisation

Another safety measure your team should consider when using scissor lifts is the equipment's stability. This helps prevent a wide range of accidents. The general rule of thumb is to make sure that the manufacturer's instructions are adhered to while operating the lift. For instance, you shouldn't operate the scissor lift in a congested area or near other pieces of machinery.

The lift needs to be positioned on a solid clear surface—don't use it on a surface that has bumps, slopes, debris, or holes. Experts also do not recommend the use of these lifts on a windy day or exceeding the maximum height and weight limit.

3. Be cautious while moving materials

Moving heavy materials on an elevated platform can be extremely risky. As such, every worker needs to take the necessary precautions when lifting or moving stuff on the lift. Regardless of the height, you should transfer items carefully. Also, make sure you don't exert extra weight on one side as this can cause the lift to shake while in operation. Getting the right lift and ensuring the base is stable and steady will keep you and the other workers safe while moving materials.

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