Three Categories Of Earthmoving Equipment And How To Utilise Them

Whether you are a professional in the construction industry or someone going through their first home build, you will most certainly need to hire earthmoving equipment. Practically every construction project will require the use of this equipment, and in almost every case it will be best to use an earthmoving equipment hire company rather than purchasing the items outright. If you are confused about what to get or what some of these pieces of equipment do, then here is a quick rundown. 

Excavators And Attachments

The primary component of any earthmoving equipment hire list is the excavator. Excavators are purpose-built to complete most earthmoving tasks, including the following:

  • Removing dirt to clear the way for foundations
  • Destroying old structures in the way (with the use of special attachments)
  • Lifting and moving construction equipment such as timber, rocks and granulates
  • Flattening and compacting the ground after dirt or granulates are put in place

Some of these tasks require specialised attachments for your excavator so as not to damage the original head. A grapple, rock crusher, claw and breaker are all good to have on-site in case something comes up that you didn't plan for. This also means that excavators are basically the Swiss Army knives of earthmoving equipment.

Skid Steer Loaders

If the excavator is the Swiss Army knife, then the skid steer loaders are the surgical tools used for more delicate and precise jobs. If you need a task done quickly or in a tight space, or if all your excavators are busy, then a skid steer loader can do it. They perform a lot of the same functions as an excavator, but their construction allows them to do it faster and more accurately. Often skid steer loaders get more use than excavators on smaller build sites simply because they are easier to operate and are much quicker. Digging, transporting and flattening are all part of the skid steer arsenal, which makes them an essential part of your build site.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are a core piece of earthmoving equipment because they allow you to transport everything you have dug up to a safe place off-site. There is not much point in digging anything up at all if you don't have somewhere you can move it to, making dump trucks the lifeline that allows you to complete your work unhindered. Alternatively, if you need gravel, sand or anything else transported to your site, then dump trucks can perform that task too. Not everything happens on-site, and if you want to remain well supplied and not have a crowded space, then having dump trucks is necessary.

For more information, contact an earthmoving equipment hire business.