Potential Problems That Could Crop Up With Winches

Winches are some of the most versatile components employed in industrial applications. From tow trucks to elevators and ATVs to heavy equipment machinery, winches are essential to lift or pull a load. And since these components are utilised for a majority of applications, some people tend to assume that they will never give out. But just as with other parts, winches are not immune to damage. To ensure that your machinery is not compromised due to winch failure, it is imperative to know the signs of malfunction that should have you seek winch repairs.

The motor is running only one way

When you are employing the winch and find that after you have let the cable out and it does not retract, then you should be wary of a defective component. Usually, this problem will crop up when the solenoid or the switch has malfunctioned. Alternatively, if your winch is retracting but you are having trouble letting out the cable, then it could stem from the same issue. When your winch is running on one side, it means that you will not get any lifting done. Rather than trying to tinker with the winch, it is judicious to seek repairs immediately so that the winch's motor does not acquire additional harm.

The drum is not turning

The winch's drum is the component on which the cable is wound around. The drum is attached to the motor, which is what provides it with sufficient energy to turn the cable or let it loose. When the winch's drum is not moving at all, the first suspect is typically the motor. Thus, you should inspect your motor and determine whether it is running or not. If you notice that the motor is running but the drum is not moving, then it is likely that the clutch is preventing the drum from turning. Lastly, if neither the clutch nor the motor is hindering the drum from working, it is possible that your entire winch needs disassembling so that a professional technician can investigate the issue further and possibly identify the root problem.

The motor is not working

Without a working motor, the winch will not function. Therefore, it is astute to familiarise yourself with the potential reasons for a malfunctioning motor so that you can troubleshoot the equipment when this issue comes about. A typical reason why the motor will not work is if some loose connections need tightening. But take note that if the solenoid or other components are irreparably damaged, you will need to get the defective parts replaced.