A Guide to Buying a Commercial Dishwasher for Your Restaurant

For people in the restaurant business, dishwashing can be quite tedious. Dishwashers offer convenience, as they clean dishes faster than people. Besides, they also help restaurant owners save on labour. Commercial dishwashers are built to be used in large establishments such as cafes and hotels that have a massive amount of dishes. Below are some considerations that need to be made when choosing a commercial dishwasher. 

Ease of use

Today, dishwasher manufacturers incorporate various designs and technologies into the dishwashers. The dishwasher that you buy should be easy to use. If it is your first time buying a particular model, you should physically visit the store to ensure you get a hands-on experience with the dishwasher before you purchase it.   


The larger the dishwasher, the more utensils it can wash. On the other hand, the dishwasher will require a substantial amount of space. Below are a few types of commercial dishwashers based on size. 

  • Under counter dishwashers. These are small commercial dishwashers that are designed to be used in cafes that have a limited amount of space. Although they clean a small number of dishes, they are designed to work fast.
  • Door type dishwashers. These are one of the most popular dishwashers in the restaurant industry. They employ a simple working mechanism. You fill the racks with dishes, close the door, and start the cleaning cycle.
  • Conveyor dishwashers. These dishwashers can clean a large number of utensils at a time. They are larger than door type dishwashers, so they take up a considerable amount of space. They work very fast, which makes them a preferable option for restaurants with huge traffic throughout the day.


Most large commercial dishwashers are noisy. As such, you have to be careful about where you place them since you do not want to make your customers uncomfortable. Always check the decibel ratings of the machine before purchasing it. 

Water and power

Large dishwashers will need a lot of water and power. Therefore, you must have reliable water and power connections. Besides, you will need to ensure that you have the right drainage.


The dishwasher you buy should not only suit your needs, but it should also be affordable. In addition to the buying costs, expect your water and power bills to increase. 

Commercial dishwashers offer convenience to restaurants because they handle a large number of dishes at a time. The primary considerations to make when purchasing a commercial dishwasher are ease of use, size, noise, costs and water and power connections. For more information, contact a local supplier like Ian Boer Refrigeration