Features to Look for When Buying an Air Cannon

When you keep lots of small materials such as grain, coal, wood chips, or other items in a large vat, a silo or another container, you're occasionally going to deal with clogs. To eliminate the clogs and get your products moving, you need an air cannon. While searching for the right solution for your needs, keep the following ideas in mind.

Features Multiple Valves

When you're dealing with a silo or a similar container, you may not always have clogs in the same spots. So that you can reach a variety of angles with your air cannon, you should look for a multi-valve design. Then, you can adjust the valves as needed to get into hard-to-reach areas.

Lets You Access Nozzles From the Outside

Although you're using your air cannon to move along clogs, sometimes clogs can occur right in the nozzles of the air cannon. To ensure that your air cannon works properly, you need to clean out the clogs, but you don't necessarily want to take everything apart to make that possible. To minimise disruption, you should look for an air cannon that allows you to remove the nozzles from the outside of the cannon.

To explain, imagine that you have hooked up your air cannon. The compressed air chamber is outside your container, but the nozzle is inside. If you have to remove the nozzle from the inside, you may need to empty the container. However, if you can just pull it out from the outside, you can quickly clean it, reinstall it and get back to work.

Handles Vibration

When you attach an air cannon to a container, it's going to shake when you turn it on. Ideally, you don't want the cannon to hit against the sides of the container and get damaged. To prevent that from happening, you should look for an air cannon that can handle vibrations. That helps to ensure that the cannon lasts longer.

Only Requires One Air Line

With a lot of air cannons, you only need a single air line. That fills the tank with air and triggers the valve. Ideally, you may want to look for air cannons with this setup because it helps you maintain a tidier work space, and you don't have to worry about tripping over chords.

Beyond those essentials, there are a  lot of other options related to size, type of airflow and other details. To learn more about the best air cannon for your situation, contact an air cannon specialist today.