3 Things to Know When You Ship Your Hydraulic Cylinder for Repairs

If your business is located in a rural area, you may not always have a readily available option for hydraulic pump repairs. This means that you might have to look at the option of shipping out your hydraulic cylinders for repair. If you have never used this option, there are a few things you should know about the process and what to expect from the process. Here are three things to know when you ship your damaged items for hydraulic pump repairs.

Evaluations and Quotes

When you decide to ship your hydraulic cylinder for repairs, the company you use may offer an evaluation or quote. What this usually entails is that the company will receive your hydraulic cylinder and will begin to evaluate the issues based on what you say is wrong with the pump system. They will find the problem and locate any additional problems that may be occurring. Once the evaluation is done, they will contact you with a quote for the repairs. You will be given a way to agree to the quote, and they will start on the repairs. Keep in mind that evaluations and quotes are not always free and may come with certain fees.

Notating the Issues

Each hydraulic pump repair company will have its own way of notating the issues with the hydraulic system. Regardless of their notation process, you will need to be clear about what is wrong with the hydraulic pump and cylinder. This means being as detailed as possible about when you noticed the breakdown, sounds that occurred and other noticeable issues happened. This will help the repair technician determine the repair department it should go to and if any further evaluations should be made outside of the pump repair evaluation.

Parts Choices

You will need to decide if you want new parts, refurbished parts, or manufacturer-refurbished parts used on the parts for the repair. Keep in mind that refurbished parts, if not refurbished by the manufacturer, may not come with a warranty. If you need the parts under warranty in case another issue or breakdown occurs, then you will want to consider new parts and manufacturer-refurbished options.

If you think that shipping off your hydraulic cylinder for pump repairs is an ideal option for your business, begin narrowing down your repair companies. Remember to look for companies that have shipping times that fit your needs, that remain in contact with you to keep you updated on repairs, and that have a 24-hour customer service department for any questions you may have both during and after normal business hours. This will help ensure you are getting the highest-quality hydraulic pump repairs possible.