What to Know about Welding Equipment and Your Tiny Home Project

When you started your tiny home project, you probably thought about the typical construction needs. You knew you would need to use basic construction techniques like building trusses, laying flooring and attaching roofing materials. What you may not have considered are the areas of the tiny home that can benefit from welding and metal materials. If you are facing this issue, here are a few things you need to know about the welding equipment you will need to make the metal aspects of your tiny home a reality.

Welding Clamps

Most of the welding projects you will deal with on a tiny home will need some kind of clamp system to hold the metal in place. For example, you may be welding two pieces of sheet metal together to form a portion of a shower stall. You will need to keep the metal in place to create the proper edge and clean 90 degree angle you will need for the stall to work properly. There are several methods you can use, but the easiest would be to use welding clamps. The clamps will allow you to work around them and weld the metal in the pattern and method you need.

Welding Table

Though you can use any type of table to stabilise your welding equipment and the project you are working on, there are benefits to using an actual welding table. The welding tables you can buy from welding supply stores are suitable for all kinds of welding use. They can withstand the welding heat, are resistant to damage and they can hold your equipment within easy reach. These welding tables also come in several sizes and styles that will fit your workspace and hold the equipment that you will be using and storing during the project process.

Welding Safety Kit

Many people who work on welding projects as a hobby may not think about safety equipment in the same way that professional welders would. For example, you may think of using a helmet and gloves, but you may not think of a respirator as well. For that reason, you should consider purchasing a full welding safety kit from your welding supply. It will have the basics that you need including a respirator to help protect you from the fumes and debris caused during the welding.

These are only the basic things you should know about welding equipment and your tiny home project. If you are ready to get started on the metal aspects and welding aspects of your tiny home project, visit your local welding supplies dealer. You can find the tools you need, accessories, and some prefabricated options that will make the projects you have easier.